Overnight Sensations


After the success of their first CD ‘Christmas Crackers’ and many requests from their fans, Festive Flutes bring you their 2nd CD ‘Overnight Sensations’ in support of the NSPCC. This light-hearted programme presents arrangements of music taken from the movies, musicals, opera and film. Talented experts have risen to the challenge of converting wonderful masterpieces into witty new arrangements for flutes with the occasional splash of percussion. Festive Flutes founding members, Sarah and Liz, first met at the Royal College of Music as junior exhibitioners and gathered fellow festive fluters Alison and Mel during their studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The group also makes a point of working with young, emerging flautists and on this CD we are joined by the talented Laura, a recent graduate of Cambridge.


  1. On the trail of the Pink Panther – Henry Mancini arr. Paul Leenhouts (3.56)
  2. Papa Can you hear me? – Legrand/Bergman arr. Mel Orriss (4.07)
  3. Over the Rainbow – Arlen/Harburg arr. Mel Orriss (4.01)
  4. If I only – Arlen/Harburg arr. Mel Orriss (4.50)
  5. Embraceable You – George Gershwin arr.  Gareth Brady (3.30)
  6. Carmen Medley – George Bizet arr. Jason Carr (3.36)
  7. I love Paris – Cole Porter arr. Jason Carr (3.16)
  8. License to Trill – Norman/Barry/Bart/McCartney/Hamilsch arr.  Jason Carr (5.05)
  9. Sandman’s Coming – Randy Newman arr. Mel Orriss (2.38)
  10. Summertime – George Gershwin arr. Maurice Bale(2.32)
  11. All that Jazz – Kander/Ebb arr. Mel Orriss (3.03)
  12. Me and my Baby – Kander/Ebb  arr. Mel Orriss (2.34)