Overnight Sensations

Festive Flutes, 2018. Left to right: Sandi Skipper, Elizabeth Walker, Sarah Murphy and Joss Campbell.

Festive Flutes Proposed Programme

Festive Flutes presents an evening of music inspired by opera, films, ballet and musicals.


Mozart             Overture to The Marriage of Figaro
Bizet                 Carmen Medley
Sullivan            The Sun, Whose Rays


Barry etc.          License to Trill
Mozart              Adagio from Out of Africa
Mancini            On the trail of the Pink Panther
Legrand             “Papa Can you hear me?” from Yentl 
Arlen                  Over the Rainbow and If I only   from The Wizard of Oz



Tchaikovsky      Nutcracker  Suite
Shostakovich     Ballet Suite
Walton               Facade


Porter                In love with Paris
Newman             Sandman’s Coming
Kander/Ebb        All that Jazz & Me and my Baby